Our Social Activities

We Have Fun Together –
Spirit, Mind, Body and Smiles

Our Congregational Life Group supports the families of Trinity in having fun and sharing their passions. Whether it is cooking, playing cards, hiking, or crafting, we laugh and smile a lot together.

An Afternoon of Games

Wreath Making for the Christmas Bazaar

Making Fall Soups

Spring Hike in Gatineau Park

Craft afternoon for children and adults where we made greeting cards and ribbon roses

Workshop to create Ikebana flower arrangements

Learn to Play Bridge Night


The Social Club offers adults an opportunity to meet in a relaxed atmosphere to become better acquainted and to enjoy social get-togethers. Our annual events include a spring Sunday brunch, a summer picnic at a cottage and a Christmas luncheon. We also enjoy presentations and slide shows about travels made by members of our congregation.

Cottage Picnic