Justice & Kindness

At Trinity, we express our passions for justice, our concern for the environment and our callings to spread compassion in many ways. We can each find support for expressing our personal giving spirit in one of many groups: Church in Society, Trinity Outreach Committee, Pastoral Care & Visitors Teams, Healing Pathway Ministry, Trinity Jubilee Foundation and the United Church Mission & Service Fund, as well as many spontaneous individual and Council initiatives.


In 2017-18, Church in Society (CIS) sponsored these events:

  • Talk on climate change by Citizens for Public Justice (CPJ)
  • Participation in CPJ’s ‘Give it up for the Earth’ Lenten campaign
  • Public film and dessert night- “The Wisdom to Survive” on climate change
  • Lentil soup lunch and presentation on food choices with a lower carbon footprint
  • Public talk on energy efficiency in homes
  • You-tube video “The Story of Stuff” and discussion about consumerism
  • Talk  on Germany’s Green Energy Policy and Lessons for Canada

CIS attended and participated in:

  • solidarity rally at the local mosque following the attack on a Quebec City mosque
  • Muslim Community Women’s Association Annual Peace Conference
  • conference on Clean Energy and Climate Policy in Canada and the EU
  • design and maintenance of the church’s wildflower garden

CIS is also instrumental in the continued support of our refugees.


Support to Refugees

Trinity has sponsored several refugee families over the years from places including Cambodia, El Salvador, Kosovo, Myanmar and Syria. Even after the official financial sponsorship has finished, members of the congregation continue to provide active support to the families, helping them adjust to life in Canada. We eagerly await the pending arrival of two more refugee families – one from Kenya and the other from Iraq.


 Trinity Outreach Committee continuously gives:

  • Hosting an afternoon drop-in program for residents at the Lepage Manor in Ottawa Community Housing.
  • Budgeting $10,000 every year to the Caldwell Family Centre Food Bank and $1,500 more to their After School Program.
  • Awarding $2000 in annual Scholarships to deserving college and university students in the Carlington community.
  • Making and delivering personalized Caring and Sharing Gift Hampers for 40 families at Christmastime.
  • Sponsoring summer camp experiences for Ottawa kids who wouldn’t otherwise get out of the city.
  • Partnering with local helping organizations, we continually deliver practical items from our homes to those who are homeless or less privileged.


 Pastoral Care & Visitors

Dedicated Trinity friends call all our households and visit shut-ins, seniors, the ill and the lonely who can’t come to church. We keep track of our people and support each other through losses, depression and difficult times, hoping that no one in our Trinity family falls through the cracks.


Healing Pathway Ministry

Trained practitioners in our community offer free healing energy treatments, channelling God’s love through our hands to provide physical, emotional or spiritual support.


 Recycling Programs & Green Initiatives

Trinity has been a ‘green church’ for decades, recycling, reducing, energy conscious and environmentally active. Current projects include a technology recycling depot, and wildflower garden.


Trinity Jubilee Foundation

An independent organization founded at Trinity in the biblical Jubilee year of 2001, TJF channels our excess wealth to those in critical need, through sponsored projects around the world, matched by government funding. Visit TJF’s website.


The Mission & Service Fund of the United Church of Canada

Trinity United consistently ranks highest in our Presbytery for per household donations to M&S.


Charter for Compassion

Our community has been inspired by the work of Karen Armstrong, world religions scholar who initiated the multi-faith Charter for Compassion with her famous TED Talk. Trinity became a signatory for the Charter in March 2012. If you would like to affirm the Charter, visit charterforcompassion.org

Did you know?

On Sunday mornings, many of us buy grocery gift cards at face value, purchased in bulk at 5% discount. The difference goes to feed kids in a local Headstart Annavale Nursery program. We act on our belief that all the children shall be fed.


From the CIS Bulletin Board …

The Oil and Gas sector produces MORE GHG EMISSIONS than any other sector in the Canadian economy.

Oil and Gas Extraction, Transportation and Refining contribute MORE THAN 25% to Canada’s GHG emissions.

CANADA subsidizes the Fossil Fuel sector by $1.6 billion. WHY?

This money could be invested in education, renewable energy, energy efficiency, and skills development.