Wherever you may be right now, you can choose to make this a “prayer space.” Please join in by praying positively for the highest good of those mentioned here. Together we focus spiritual energy that creates images and possibilities, helping to manifest all that is healing, right and good.


A prayer for my older brother travelling overseas. Apparently he had an emergency appendectomy surgery in Spain but checked himself out of hospital because he was abused by staff. Now he’s in Ireland with friends but is having stomach pain so going to have hospital check on it. Hope its nothing serious.

Sheila - January 30, 2018

Prayers of thanks for continuing good health of a young mother of 5 , Sarah, who has been on the Trinity prayer list for over 5 years with aggressive cancer. She was surprised this week with the news that she is in remission. Thanks to all who have included her in their prayers, and prayers please for her continued remission.

Derek - August 29, 2017

My young cousin is in critical condition following a traffic accident in California. Prayers please for Leslie and her family.

Derek - August 29, 2017

A prayer for Helen that she recover quickly from a fall. She’s a remarkable woman.

Sheila - June 24, 2017

Prayers please for someone close to me who is awaiting a diagnosis.

Derek - April 11, 2017

A prayer for my older brother who is undergoing deep brain stimulation therapy on Monday. Its hoping to help his Parkinson’s Disease. Its a 7 hour operation.

Sheila - January 26, 2017

A prayer for Ari, Jacob and Liam on the loss of Sarah, a wife, a mum, and a wonderful person.

Chris and Helen - January 16, 2017

A prayer for my niece. Her partner suddenly left her recently. They have an 18 month child together. She is still trying to process everything. Its a shock for everyone.

Sheila - December 16, 2016

Prayers for a friend, Louise, who is going through a stressful family situation at present.

Derek - December 1, 2016

Prayers for Parkdale United Church, and our Ottawa community, in the face of racist hate speech graffiti spraypainted on the church door – Spirit, support our sisters and brothers who have bravely chosen to respond with an invitation for love, justice and reconciliation.

Karen - January 20, 2016

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